A Note to Parents

Dear Parents,

We know how important your son or daughter is to you – and that, after nearly two decades of time, love, and energy, you are now launching them into their college years in hopes that they will thrive. We are so grateful for the ways you’ve invested in them. We want your child to do well in college and we are convinced that part of that success comes in a deepening relationship with Jesus.

You may be wondering what Cru is. We are a community found in various pockets of the campuses in Richmond passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ. Our mission is to introduce students to Jesus, build them up in their faith, and then send them out into the world to repeat that process. While we have been on campuses in Richmond since 2014, Cru has been around since 1951 and is found in every state and nearly every country in the world. Being part of a global movement is exciting, and we’re hopeful that we will continue to see students bow their knee to Jesus this year.

In order to serve your son or daughter best, we offer a variety of intentional gatherings such as small group Bible studies, social events, large group worship and training gatherings, as well as conferences and mission trip opportunities throughout the year. All of this happens in partnership with several local churches.

We care deeply for the students that we meet – including your son or daughter – and pray that our community will be a transformational place for them to deepen their relationship with Jesus and with their peers in order to make an eternal impact for the Kingdom. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We hope to meet you when you visit campus soon!

For more information for parents, click here.

Joshua Earman, Cru Team Leader,
and the Richmond Metro Staff Team